How to Transfer Money Using Routing Number and Account Number

Emily VanCamp

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Money Transfers From One Bank to Another

When transferring money from one bank account to another, you will need to have both the account and routing numbers in order to execute the transaction successfully.


Transfer Funds Using Check

In order to transfer money from one bank account to another, you can use a check to do this. The other bank will use the routing and account numbers printed on the Cheque to initiate a withdrawal request from your other account at the other financial institution.


Direct Transfer From One Account to Another

Transferring money from one account owned by one person to another account held by another is referred to as direct deposit in this context. You’ll need both the routing number and the account number of the individual who will be receiving the money in order to complete the transaction successfully. Employees can be paid through direct deposit if you are an employer, which is a convenient choice for you.