Written by Emily VanCamp

May 21, 2022

Where Can I Withdraw Money From My Netspend Card for Free

You may withdraw money from your Netspend card account OTC at many banks, but you will be charged a fee for doing so.


OTC Service at the Bank

Despite the fact that I was aware that I had previously addressed the issue of ATM withdrawals, it is not a bad idea to go over the topic once more. ATMs that accept the card, whether it is a Visa or a Mastercard card, will allow you to make cash withdrawals.


At a bank or ATM machine

Walmart is a retailer based in the United States that offers products both online and in-store. It charges a fee of $3.75 for each withdrawal that is made. Withdrawing money from your account at a Walmart shop is a convenient option if you reside in close proximity to one of these locations.


Make a Cash Withdrawal from your Walmart Account